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Being a German company, Ploytec GmbH has high respect for your personal data and the need to protect it. Also, Germany is amongst the countries with the highest legal standards in this regard. At Ploytec GmbH, Markus Medau is the responsible person if you have any questions about this topic.

By visiting our website, your visit will appear in the webstatistics, which is anonymous and helps us to optimize the website. We can see where people are located according to their IP, which webbrowsers they use and if they were refered to our pages by Google, a forum, a news page etc. We use AWStats, so no data goes to Google.

We currently don’t use any cookies (and you can still use our website after disabling cookies), except for: The AROMA and the PL2 page contain embedded frames, you can find their cookie policy here:

If you make purchases on our website we request personal data from you. This is required for the contractual relationship in a software license or simply to understand where to ship the product you ordered. Such data is processed to highest possible safeguarding.

Your personal data won’t be transferred to third parties, except for Intelligent Sound & Music (, and only in the case you buy one of the software products Ploytec GmbH partners with Intelligent Sound & Music.

In case of credit card fraud and the like, Ploytec GmbH has the right to share all data used on purchases (including IP addresses) with the police, credit card companies (including Paypal) and the legal authorities or collectors taking action in such matters. We also may keep track on how many people are using a software product keycode from different places and lock such, if we think there's abuse.

We may contact you from time to time by eMail regarding important product news (such as updates) for products you purchased. (But better don't rely on us to really do that.) If you want to stay up to date, you may want to follow us on Facebook. We won’t comment on their Privacy Politics, please read the notices from Facebook when it comes to that.

Of course, we respect you opting-out of such news by eMail at any time. We have developed technical and organizational matters to protect all data at Ploytec. We constantly try to improve security measure to latest technical standards. Ploytec GmbH does not store credit card data anywhere.

Even though we try hard, there is no guarantee against unauthorized access from third parties (inluding the NSA, Russian hackers and other individuals). Every transmission of data over the internet is at your own risk at the end.

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