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DobBroMan & Thorsten Quaeschning - live @SUPERBOOTH22

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Thank you for visiting us at Superbooth23 booth O130, May, 11th (Thu) to May, 13th 2023 (Sat) at FEZ Berlin. Superbooth pictures and videos are available on πλ² Facebook.


AUDIVA distribution

Ploytec GmbH takes over AUDIVA GmbH distribution for Germany and Austria, starting January 2020.


MANGO mastering plug-in

"The Ploytec Mango is worth it. It adds instant color to your tracks, making them lush and succulent. As an emulation of tube and tape hardware, the plugin is best for warming up digital mixes, without having to worry about complex knobs." - read the Ploytec MANGO review on Whipped Cream Sounds


AROMA mastering plug-in

The kitchen analogy has always been a strong motif in audio chit-chat. Describing processing units, chords or production elements as “ingredients” to “season to taste” to mix the perfect dish. is one of the best Harmonic Exciter I have found. It is one of the most respectful to the source and the cleanest I have heard in the digital domain.
William Robertson @ AUDIO PLUGIN GUY


Interview with Markus

Interview with Markus in German Keys magazine.

Here's the English translation, French translation, Spanish translation and Japanese translation.