Ploytec ONE.2

MIDI Clock Tap Tempo Pedal

- Select an arpeggio or drumloop on your sequencer, drumcomputer or workstation

- Listen to the beat of your fellow musicians

- Tap the pedal on '1' (1st beat of the measure) - ONE.2 starts the measuring

- Tap on '2' - now ONE.2 knows the tempo and immediately starts transmitting a MIDI Clock signal: Your equipment is on the beat now.

- If the switch on the back is in downward direction, on the next '1', ONE.2 sends an additional MIDI Start, just in case you want to trigger a sequence or drumloop. Plus you can "tap on" to stay in sync!

This is the   manual.

ONE.2 in action

Markus and Tomi (Maryland Studios) explain ONE.2




How to get one, too

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Ploytec ONE.2

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