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Ploytec ONE.2

Ploytec ONE.2 Functions, Live Electronics workflow in duo (FM Collusion)

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AUDIVA distribution

Ploytec GmbH takes over AUDIVA GmbH distribution for Germany and Austria, starting January 2020.


MANGO mastering plug-in

"Do not let fruit be a missing part of a balanced DAW diet" - read the Ploytec MANGO review on Everything Recording


AROMA mastering plug-in

The kitchen analogy has always been a strong motif in audio chit-chat. Describing processing units, chords or production elements as “ingredients” to “season to taste” to mix the perfect dish. is one of the best Harmonic Exciter I have found. It is one of the most respectful to the source and the cleanest I have heard in the digital domain.
William Robertson @ AUDIO PLUGIN GUY


Interview with Markus

Interview with Markus in German Keys magazine.

Here's the English translation, French translation, Spanish translation and Japanese translation.