Ploytec "Pi L 2" PL2 mini synthesizer modular view

2 Oscillators
7 Waveforms
32 Presets
32 Userpresets

Square Wave Synthesis
Digital Filter (LPF, BPF, HPF)
Analog Filter (LPF)
Pulse Width Modulation
MIDI clock synced LFO

PL2 mini synthesizers

"Smaller than your cell phone charger and packed with personality, the Ploytec PL2 brings a big new sound for a tiny price. It’s a definite Key Buy."

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"Overall, this is a fun box, doesn't cost much, doesn't take up a lot of space, (...), makes sounds you're not going to get out of your other synths, and hey, there's a speech synthesizer!"

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"There's very little not to love about this tiny synth. (...) The PL2's powerful but simple layout makes it a prime candidate for beginners. Moreover, it's unique enough to engage even the most avid synth enthusiast."

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πλ² (black) and πλ² Leukos (white)

The PL2 is an analog synth expander module with a digital (125kHz, state variable) multimode filter, offering unique saturation. That filter's followed by a second analog lowpass filter. It comes in two versions:

The original black PL2 is MIDI powered via its MIDI Input. It works with almost any MIDI equipped keyboard or MIDI interface. The built-in micro USB connector doesn't contain USB functionality, but can be used for additional power when needed. Here's a list of MIDI devices reported to be compatible: Frequently updated compatibility list

Soundwise identical, the white PL2 Leukos USB only works with computers or iPads® (USB camera connection kit required).

Instead of a MIDI Input, πλ² Leukos features a MIDI Output, so you can connect an additonal MIDI synthesizer (including a black PL2).

Ploytec PL2 (MIDI In) vs. PL2 Leukos (USB MIDI In)

Setting up and using the πλ² mini synthesizer

What does the πλ² sound like?

PL2 mini synth editor

The PL2 gets entirely controlled via MIDI. Here's a list of the MIDI Control messages the PL2 understands: MIDI Control messages

In order to make life easier, there's some software editors:

Editor for Windows (re50.n80r update)

Editor for Mac (10.6, and above) (re50.n80r update)

Editor for iPad®

PL2 iPad® Editor

There's a new πλ² song ("Bodypart") on iTunes!

"πλ² sounds and drums" means all sounds are from the PL2, including drum sounds.

πλ² manual and firmware versions

The πλ² Youtube Channel

Click here to download the English πλ² manual / German πλ² manual

PL2 was first released with firmware V1.5. Since then it got a V2.0 update adding drum mode and more waveforms. The V2.1 update, released at Messe 2015, enhances the filter resolution and allows to map MIDI controllers. Here's the release notes for πλ² V2.1 firmware.

At Summer NAMM 2014 the PL2 finally learned to talk, here's the release notes for πλ² PL02.56 alternative firmware emulting the legendary SP0256-AL2 chip. Most recently SOOPERBOOTH16 brought the "re50.n80r" update, replacing the "Resonance" controller by a "Resonator" one.

For exchanging firmware, please use the software editors above.

Additional downloads for the πλ² synthesizer

Latest πλ² news on Facebook

PL2 mini synthesizer remote programmer

PL2 mini synthesizer Facebook video

(Click the above area twice to see this Facebook video done by Robbie Bronnimann and Andy Hunter.)

Remote Programmer for Native Instruments' Reaktor

Controller mappings and templates for: Behringer BCR2000, Kenton Killamix, Korg nanoKontrol2 & taktile 49, Native Komplete Kontrol S25/49/61, Nord Modular G2, Novation Impulse49/61, Roland A300/500/800 pro & AIRA System-1, Terrasoniq Area61, TouchAble (iOS), TouchOSC (iOS) and Yamaha KX25/49/61 & reface CP/CS/DX/YC

Optional multiclient Windows MIDI driver for PL2 Leukos (USB)

How to buy a πλ²

The πλ² hardware sound module in 360°

Australia: Rhythm Active

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Japan Distributor: Dirigent, Resellers: Music Land Key - Shimamura - Soundhouse

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Switzerland Distributor: Omsound - List of Resellers

Taiwan / Hong Kong / China: Taobao

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Worldwide: Ploytec πλ² / Ploytec πλ² Leukos (USB).

Click here for the assembly kit.

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